October 13, 2010

Ernst Jünger Conferences in Florence

In a site devoted to Ernst Jünger, it is unforgivable that I have never mentioned the remarkable work of the Association Eumeswil in Florence, Italy. As one of the only groups world-wide that regularly organizes conferences and other events on Ernst Jünger, they deserve front-page treatment here. This oversight will be redressed in the future, as I have nothing but respect for their efforts there!

They gain plenty of extra points in my eyes, since they are clearly oriented towards Ernst Jünger´s mature works - as the name already indicates.

For October, this Jünger conference (in Italian) is announced on their website:

Saturday October 23, 17h
Istituto dei Padri Scolopi – Scuole Pie Fiorentine, Sala Verde – via Cavour 94, Firenze

Ernst Jünger's Orient: a bridge beyond modernity.
Speaker: Sandro Gorgone, professor of philosophy, University of Messina

The Orient in dialogue between Ernst and Friedrich Georg Jünger
Speaker: Professor Giuliana Gregorio, History of Philosophy, University of Messina.

In the city of the Renaissance, let us hope their work leads to a rebirth of interest in Ernst Jünger!

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